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Mercedes Benz Auto Body Specialists

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Eldan Auto Body is fortunate to have the most popular Manufacturer approvals once again underlining our commitment to service excellence and good quality workmanship.

KA Smart

In 2004 KA Smart was approached by major OEM’s with the goal of changing the manner in which CSI was conducted within the MBR industry. In the past CSI programmes have been score-driven by means of manipulation of customer lists to only include satisfied customers whilst the dissatisfied customers were conveniently excluded from the lists.

In order to eradicate this unprofessional practise, the KA Smart Service Quality System was developed and the face of conventional CSI changed overnight.

Every week on a predetermined day Eldan Auto Body sends a vehicle data information file via email to KA Smart containing all customer and vehicle information, the system correlates all the files received and automatically prepares and sends SMS messages to all their customers.

Replies are subsequently analysed by the system and in the event that a dissatisfied customer is detected on the system, an email is prepared by by KA Smart and sent to Eldan Auto Body requesting us to make contact with the customer within 3 days.

KA Smart then follows up telephonically interviewing our customer ensuring that the problem was finally successfully resolved within the given time frame.


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