Eldan Auto Body | Auto Body Repair and Painting

Eldan Auto Body was established in 1980 by Mr. Danie Steyn. Mr. Steyn pioneered many concepts which became a part of the South African motor industry. Eldan Auto Body outgrew itself at a very vast rate and became known to various insurance companies and clients for their professionalism, great quality of workmanship and excellent customer service.

In 1994 Eldan Auto Body acquired bigger and better premises. A state of the art workshop was built, housing the best equipment available as well as the latest innovations in the auto body repair industry. Eldan Auto Body then started to spread its wings and broaden its horizons, exploring the executive side of the car market, by considering the possibility of adding luxury sedans and MVP’s such as Daimler Chrysler to their collection of respected brands.

In 1995 Eldan Auto Body was granted the prestigious and most sought after accreditation at being the sole repairer in Pretoria for Daimler Chrysler S.A. After that a host of manufacturer approvals followed. In 2006 Eldan Auto Body became a BEE owned company by selling off a 75% stake. In 2007 it became 100% black owned determined to set a trend in the South African Motor Industry by urging other black entrepreneurs to get more involved in the Body Repair Industry in South Africa and therefore promoting the transfer of skills. Eldan Auto Body has now become known as Life Wise cc t/a Eldan Auto Body and customer service and support is now more than ever one of our number one concerns and priorities.